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“I am three weeks into the Fitness class, going 2-3 times/week and already see the change – much more mobility, endurance & strength, and I live my days more conscious! The class has people all of ages & fitness levels – and yet seems to fit everybody. The instructor Clare manages to challenge everybody to their level & motivates us to rise to our personal best. The exercises are the perfect combination of cardio, strength & mobility – quite fast paced but very mindful and clear to understand. I get personal attention where needed and always feel welcome. The class ends with a a few minutes of calmness and mindfulness – for me the perfect way to transition back into my daily life duties. I didn’t expect the class to carry over into my days as much – I am physically fitter, but also live much more conscious in body posture & mind… It has been great! And the playlist Clare puts on is an added bonus..” ~ Gesa R.


“Sun Dojo is staffed by an extremely welcoming, respectful, knowledgeable, and positive community of martial arts professionals. Classes are available for every age range and ability level and instill in the student a sense of both commitment and self-improvement. Professor Carroll and his staff of inspiring instructors share a positive, meaningful message for students through martial arts study. I regularly attend both jiujitsu and kickboxing classes at the dojo and am extremely happy with the improvements that martial arts practice has brought to the physical, professional, and family facets of my life. I initially began training in jiujitsu in preparation for running the New York City marathon (it helped tremendously develop the mental and physical fortitude required by the event) and became inspired to commit to jiujitsu for the long term. The fellow students of the dojo are a super respectful and inspiring group of people with whom I am proud to associate. I highly recommend Sun Dojo and honor the positive contributions that it has brought to the community.” ~ Michael S.


“As someone who was hesitant to begin a demanding class because I felt unsure and uncoordinated, I have so much more physical confidence because of the positive teaching style and patience of Professor Carroll and Mr. Morgan. Both instructors are informative and precise, so that with their modeling, I feel I am “getting it” and building muscle memory more each class period. In addition, and working in concert with the physical aspects of class, is the reflective component to each class. There have been many times that in my work day I return to something I learned in class: to be mindful, to put aside the hypercritical voice one might have, to create a sort of “diet of the mind” for what habits are fortifying. I could go on!” ~ Alicia H.


I have been taking Brazillian Jiu Jitsu classes at Sun Dojo for about 6 months now. There is so much to this place!

Community – This is a very welcoming dojo. I was super intimidated before joining but once I worked up the nerve, what I found was a group of positive, friendly people who are here to learn, to get better at Jiu Jitsu and at life. Many people who train here have recommended it to friends or family, or Windsor Terrace neighbors, and there really is a community feel to it.

Teachers – It’s a special thing to find teachers who can meet you where you are, be supportive and patient, but who also push you to do better, show up for yourself, set big goals and put in 100%. Different instructors have different styles, but all are all great at breaking down complicated techniques, while encouraging you to think deeper about why something works. Everyone gets equal guidance during class. As a beginner, you will be helped, not ignored.

Fitness (physical/mental) – Jiu Jitsu is a very challenging workout and it WILL improve your fitness. Classes include intense bursts or agility drills and you will sweat and your heart will pump! But it engages your mind as well as your body. You start to think about things like anatomy and leverage and gravity (even if you don’t yet know how to put it all together). No treadmill workout is going to give you that.

Heart – Sun Dojo encourages you to take the principals you learn on the mat into the rest of your life. What could you do with more self-knowledge, courage, discipline, less ego and a healthier body? I know I want to find out! Special shout to Professor Laurel who was my first contact at Sun Dojo and who really helped (and still helps!) to ease me into things. ~Krista F.


Very happy I joined. My experience (as a beginner) has been overwhelming positive. Big thanks to Prof. Carroll and the community of instructors + students for being so welcoming during my first few weeks at the dojo. Looking forward to more. The basic classes are gentle (i.e. you won’t get injured), but challenging enough to improve overall fitness and to make some widely applicable self-defense techniques second-nature to the students. An unexpected benefit at Sun Dojo is the attendance of some advanced students in the basic classes (advanced classes typically follow basic classes on the schedule, so the basic classes probably serve as a refresher for the advanced students). The benefit to beginners like me is that we often get to partner with some seasoned (and patient) people who are already comfortable with the techniques, and often help reinforce the correct way to practice. ~ Gary G.


” I came to Sun Dojo because I was new to the neighborhood and saw that they were offering a donation-based women’s self-defense class. Looking to increase my self-confidence, and to develop basic self-defense skills, I attended the class and was instantly impressed. My assumption about jiu jitsu being more of a man’s martial art was challenged after first being trained by Professor Laurel, and then attending a very mixed-gender basic jiu jitsu class. Now, I train several times a week. I look forward to it. It’s been a fantastic welcome to the neighborhood because the community is so great. And the improvements I’ve noticed in my daily life are constant and tangible: higher self-confidence, discipline, patience, and surprisingly joy! I feel happier with a regular jiu jitsu practice. I’d highly recommend Sun Dojo, for both the training and the community.”  ~ Stephanie S.


“My nine-year-old daughter has been taking the juniors Brazilian Jiu-jitsu classes at Sun Dojo since September 2015. We are thrilled that she is learning a martial art. Not only is she learning self-defense and self-discipline but she is gaining confidence, focus and is “bully-proof.” At the end of classes, according to my daughter, the instructors, all of whom are excellent, talk to the students about the morals of being a martial artist: martial artists are ten feet tall and bully-proof; they try their best; they make smart choices. In her elementary school on more than one occasion, she has stood up for her friends when they were being teased by other kids. My daughter is naturally very shy and quiet and the instruction at Sun Dojo is instilling in her the confidence to do the right thing. She also takes the Ninja classes which she finds fun and challenging and great for her physical dexterity and bravery. We highly recommend enrolling your kids in the juniors classes at Sun Dojo!” ~ Susan E.