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Juniors Martial Arts

Summer is around the corner, no problem!
Basic Classes are still forming now. Juniors can train through the end of June & resume their training in the fall or alternatively, train during the summer session hours 1:45 – 2:30pm Monday – Friday, June 22nd – August 9th.
Reinforce your child’s ability to set and achieve their goals. Schedule a Trial lesson today and see your yourself. Trial lessons include a 20 – minute private lesson, a uniform and a group class for $29.95.

Upcoming Events for Junior’s Basic & Black Belt Club Martial Artists: 
Father’s Day Celebration Class – Friday, June 14th 5:15 – 6pm (4:30pm class cancelled).
Juniors Belt Ceremony: Weds, June 5th 5:15 – 6pm (4:30pm class cancelled)

Our Juniors Martial Arts classes combine Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing and Self-Defense training for Juniors  6 – 12. If you are looking for a safe environment for your child to learn practical self-defense skills, build friendships and improve their confidence, then look no further!

At Sun Dojo your child will enjoy an exciting and enriching class that utilizes leverage-based control holds to neutralize threats without violence. We utilize the tenets of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, basic striking skills and Bully-Busting techniques to:

  • Improve confidence
  • Improve focus and self-discipline
  • Channel excess energy
  • Learn Real- life self- defense skills
  • Improve coordination
  • Learn cooperation over competition
  • Have FUN!

We have developed a class that is unique and has been blended with the developmental stages of a child in mind. We provide a clean, safe and inviting environment that will keep your child focused on the goals at hand.

“My daughter loves Brazilian jiu jitsu. She enthusiastically goes three times a week, without ever wanting to skip regardless of the weather, how long a day she has had, or even if she is feeling sick. I think her single-mindedness about training comes from the great confidence it has helped her to develop.”- Rahul H.

Juniors Basic:

The Juniors Basic class is designed to teach students the fundamentals of Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing and prepare them for the Juniors Advanced Black Belt Club.

Juniors Basic Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4:30 – 5:15pm

Juniors Advanced: Black Belt Club:

Progressing to the Black Belt Club requires a minimum stripe requirement as well as proper attitude, behavior & character.

In the Black Belt Club your child will learn more advanced techniques as well as practice Randoori, which is live training, in a safe and cooperative environment. It should be everyone’s goal in the Juniors Basic Class to progress to the Black Belt Club.

Juniors Advanced Schedule:

We offer the Black Belt Club 5 days a week from 5:15 – 6pm Monday – Friday.

Tween / Tween Martial Arts: Ages 12 – 15

Understanding the needs of this age group, this program combines Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, and character development for a full self – defense system.

Teen / Tween Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday: 4:30 – 5:15pm, Saturday 1:15pm

Read more here.

Elite Training (Ninja Training & Martial Arts): Ages 6 – 12

This program combines Brooklyn Ninja training and Juniors Martial Arts classes. This is perfect for the student who needs more flexibility in their schedule or is looking to increase their training regime.

*Please note that a parent or legal guardian must sign their child’s waiver before they can participate in class.