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Our Introductory Program:

Our comprehensive training program uses feet and hands, knees and elbows together for a full-body workout designed to increase speed, flexibility, coordination and endurance. Our program is also develops discipline, confidence and respect. These invaluable tools train adults to set goals, work hard and develop a non-quitting spirit. Not only do we teach students how to protect themselves, but how to gain confidence, awareness, and mental agility through the use of innovative drills and activities.

We offer you a great opportunity to try our program for only $19.95. You will receive a one-on-one session with one of our qualified instructors, during which we’ll introduce you to some of the basics of Kickboxing. This lesson is a great opportunity for you to meet our instructors, view our facilities, and find out if our program is right for you. Call us and mention this program and receive a complimentary uniform.