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“Whole 30” starting Tuesday, January 22nd!!! Curious?

The Whole 30 is not a crash diet, rather a way to eat whole foods for 30 days and eliminate foods that create inflammation. This is a diagnostic tool for yourself and your dietary habits. In the words of Socrates, #knowthyself

Many people who have completed the Whole 30 have reported improved sleep, decreased headaches, improved energy and mood and weight loss.

Ms. Clare has done the “Whole 30” for three years in a row and will be embarking on her fourth journey once again as of Tuesday January 22nd.

Last year many Sun Dojo members completed the Whole 30 and achieved tremendous results. As the Whole 30 Sensei, or one who has gone before, Ms. Clare will be available for guidance.

Whole 30 is a tool that has helped me identify foods that create energy, better sleep, and productivity in my everyday life. By eliminating inflammatory foods, I get to reset from the inside out, which is nice after the holidays. Oh, and I tend to lose a few pounds.”

If you are interested and would like to read the rules, check out this link: https://whole30.com/step-two/
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