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Why Chose Martial Arts for Children : Part 3

Why Martial Arts Training is good for Kids who are Bullied:
Very few things can benefit a child who is being bullied more than Martial Arts – not just because they learn to defend themselves, although that is important. Equally important is the fact that a child who trains martial arts learns how to project real confidence, making them way less likely to be a victim. We call is “practice the fight so you do not have to”.

Why Martial Arts is Good for Children who Bully Others:
Contrary to what most people think, kids who bully benefit dramatically from Martial Arts training. Martial arts training gives a child with bullying tendencies a healthy way to deal with their stress. It will improve their confidence and as their confidence improves, so does their self image. This makes them less likely to feel the need to tear others down. Finally, although Martial Arts teaches potentially dangerous techniques, it outs a larger emphasis on courtesy and respect..

Martial Arts for Boys & Girls:
A common misconception is that martial arts training is primarily for biys. However, the reality is that nearly half of all children training are females. Girls tend to learn martial arts extremely quickly and is one of the few activities where boys and girls can practice together. It is a sad fact that girls and women are often the targets of criminals because they are thought to be weaker. Martial arts training gives girls and women the tools and confidence to avoid potential attacks and defend themselves if necessary. Martial arts also gives brothers and sisters the opportunity practice together and learn from one another as well.

How Effective is Martial Arts is Keeping Children Healthy?
For a Child to be healthy and have their body develop correctly, they need to perform natural movements like running, jumping, falling and rolling on a regular basis. Martial arts training emphasizes a;l; of these things. It is an incredibly rounded form of exercise, helping a child develop lean muscle mass, bone density, flexibility and endurance. Additionally, most martial arts schools put a strong emphasis on healthy eating, helping children learn healthy habits that stick with them for life.

Most children will receive some kind of benefit after training for just a few months. But the real benefits come from long – term training. There’s something special that happens to a child that grows up in a Martial Arts school. They are simply more focused, confident, healthy, hard – working and optimistic. Time and time again we hear from adults who trained martial arts as children who say that it was the best thing that they did growing up. No one veer regrets long – term martial arts training.