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Ever feel in a rut from the same old workouts at the gym?Luckily there is a comprehensive solution…try Kickboxing!

The Kickboxing program at Sun Dojo focuses on physical fitness and the mind-body connection. Striking drills present a unique challenge for your body and your brain all while developing your self – defense skills.

Schedule your Introductory Kickboxing Lesson Today!

This 20 – minute private lesson teaches you the fundamental principles of Kickboxing and prepares you for the group class. Plus, it comes with a complimentary tee – shirt for $29.95.

Kickboxing develops discipline, confidence and respect. These invaluable tools train adults to set goals, work hard and develop a non-quitting spirit. Not only do we teach students how improve their self-defense skills, but how to improve confidence, awareness, and mental agility through the use of innovative drills and activities. Our comprehensive Kickboxing program uses feet and hands, knees and elbows together for a full-body workout designed to increase speed, flexibility, coordination and endurance.

This program is designed with beginners in mind – you do not have to be in shape to get in shape!

Some benefits include:

  • Weight loss
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Improved cardiovascular endurance
  • Decreased tension, anxiety
  • Improved flexibility & agility
  • Community
  • Fun!

“I’ve never had such a positive connection to my body as I do now. I feel so strong, determined and proud of my commitment that the number on the scale doesn’t matter as much as it used to. I’ve never been so comfortable and confident in my own skin to go out there and push myself way outside my comfort zone (in front of an audience, no less). If it hadn’t been for the confidence I’ve gained from kickboxing, I don’t think I would’ve tried Jiu Jitsu. I feel challenged in a safe and nurturing environment; I feel at home in your home, and for that I thank you.” ~N. Garcia

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